BE‘Start your own Pressure Washer Business

BE‘Start your own Pressure Washer Business

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‘Start your own Pressure Washer Business’ Starter Pack

Comes with a 4 GPM & 4000 PSI Pressure Washer, 20″ Surface Cleaner, 18′ Telescoping Wand, Ball Valve, Wand with Gun and 2 x 50′ Hoses.

This is the perfect package to start your own pressure washing venture:

  • The 4040HGD Pressure Washer has a gold standard performance of 4 GPM & 4000 PSI with a GX390 Honda Engine and an EZ4040 General Pump – both excellent brands & models for this industry.
  • The BE-WAW-20Y 20″ Surface Cleaner is made by BE Pressure and is a standard size for sidewalks, driveways and other flat surfaces to clean not just well – but efficiently.
  • The BE-85206018L 18′ Telescoping Wand allows you to do roof and wall cleaning without having to get a ladder, making it safer for you while still getting the job done.
  • The Ball Valve opens and shuts the water flow at any spot you want, wherever you mount it – making it a great tool in your toolbox.
  • This setup comes with a Trigger Gun and Wand to connect to the pressure washer hose – allowing you to utilize the 4 GPM & 4000 PSI of the Stealth 4040HGD.
  • You get 2 sections of 50′ hoses which you can combine together to 100′ of total length, or have 1 replacement in case one hose gets damaged, allowing you flexibility and reliability.


BE-4040HGD Pressure Washer Information

This is a complete new machine with a new frame that includes a gun holder and tip holder right at the handle, instead of at the base of the frame – making it more accessible during the job and is better for your back, no more leaning down to switch tips. Get the performance you are used to with small but meaningful changes. Like less maintenance thanks to foam-filled tires. See below for a full list of Accessories & Features of this unit.

This Stealth BE4040-HGD Pressure Washer is equipped with a Honda GX390 powered EZ4040 General Pump creating a performance of 4000 PSI & 4 GPM – the industry standard for serious contractors!

Standard Accessories and Features:

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame with dual handles
  • Inlet Water Filter
  • Adjustable Pressure Unloader
  • Low oil shutdown on engine
  • Foam tires that never will go flat
  • Dual Padded shock-absorbing feet reducing vibrations
  • Heavy-Duty 3/4 inch axle
  • Commercial Honda Engine
  • Thermo sensor to protect pump from over-heating.
  • Aluminum frame saves weight and won’t rust.
  • No gearbox oil to change and no belts to adjust
  • E-Z start valve
  • 4 Color Coded spray tips – 0, 15, 40 degrees & chemical tip
  • Gun Holder


General EZ4040G – Pressure Washer Pump Information



Pump Specs:


Max. GPM 4.0
Max. PSI 4000
RPM 3400
Bore .512″ – 13mm
Stroke .512″ – 13mm
Required HP 16.4 GBHP
Shipping Weight 20 lbs
Comes with

SAE J609B Flange


BE Pressure 85206018L Fiberglass 18′ Telescoping Wand Information

  • Telescoping Wand – can extend and collapse as needed.
  • Use with water up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Features Lever Lock
  • Length: 18′
  • Brand: BE Pressure
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Max. PSI: 4000
  • Max. GPM: 8.0


WAW-20Y – BE Pressure 20 inch Whirl-A-Way Surface Cleaner Information

WAW-20Y BE Pressure 20 inch Whirl-A-Way Surface Cleaner. WAW-20Y is a 20 inch Whirl-A-Way Surface Cleaner by BE Pressure Supply. This newest 20 inch version comes with a full sized swivel identical to that of the smaller 16 inch Whirl-A-Way Surface Cleaner.
Another improvement is the hardened plastic cover to resist damage in case anything should drop on the Surface Cleaner.
New anti-fatigue trigger gun and hand handle assembly stands by itself, instead of dropping to the ground.
Surface Cleaners are accessories to Pressure Washers, you will need one with at least 2000 PSI & 4 GPM.


  • Zebra striping prevention through sixty percent increased cleaning time over regular nozzles
  • Pushes water away from the operator to stay dry
  • Zero wall clearance cleaning


Ball Valve 3/8 FNPT x 3000 PSI, Complete with Quick Couplers Information

Ball Valve 3/8 FNPT x 3000 PSI, Complete with Quick Couplers. Due to the harsh environment that pressure washer ball valves are used in they do not come with any time warranty. They are dragged across the ground, dropped off roofs, and used as a wash down nozzles when half closed. Allows you to change from surface cleaner to hand gun while under pressure
Rated at 3000 PSI Working Pressure.