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5 gallon pail of solvent borne striping paint. Brand name is Turbo dry from Franklin paint

Solvent-borne Striping Paint

Turbo Dry™ Low VOC Acetone Traffic Paint

A durable fast drying acrylic/alkyd traffic paint.No pickup in as fast as 3 minutes.Conforms to current federal VOC regulations as well as newer lower state VOC limits of 100 g/L.For use on bituminous, Portland-cement and concrete pavements. Not recommended for use over concrete sealers containing silicone or asphalt sealers.

5 gallon pails of Franklin waterborne striping paint. Brand name Hydrophast from Franklin paint

Waterborne Striping Paint


Waterborne Traffic Paint

Hydrophast™is a lead free, VOC compliant fast drying, 100% acrylic waterborne traffic paint.  Conforms to Federal Specification TT-P-1952FType I & II as well as most state and federal specifications.  For use on bituminous, Portland-cement and concrete pavements, as well as various sealcoat applications.

Striping Paint / Parking Lot Stencils

no parking parking lot stencil in a straight line

Wording Stencils

All Painters Repair Shop pavement stencils are manufactured professional quality and made... 

 Graco Contractor gun hose and tip kit